4 Great Things You Can Do Today on WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY and every day!

Deb King talks with Costa Georgiadis, expert in sustainability, gardens, permaculture, farming and more!  Costa is an Australian TV Host, Educator and TOP Guy!!!

What action will you take today?

For more from Costa, check out: costasworld.org/

Here’s four simple things that everyone can do.

Not just this world environment day but every day.

First of all, go plant yourself in a garden, even if it’s just for ten minutes.

There is no better way to ground yourself than go for a walk around and just look at what’s there.  I do it every time I’ve come back from any sort of travel or I get somewhere, I’ll just go get my hands in the soil even if it’s just pulling out one weed.

Second thing.  Go plant a container, any sort of cookie container.  Get an old teapot, grab a bit of bush basil.  Every garden can do with some basil.  The flowers not only can feed your salad but they help feed the bees and the insects which are important for pollination.

Third thing.  Go chat to a farmer at your local growers’ market and learn what’s in season right now.  That way, you’ll start to understand what’s going on in the food system at that particular time of the year.

And finally, get the details.  Look behind labels and ask yourself a question:  Where did this food come from.  Go for fresh and less packaging.  Local seasonal produce.  It’s good for the environment, it’s good for your health because it’s a good thing to do on world environment day.