Do you put other peoples needs, wants and expectations ahead of your own?
Do you carry guilt about doing things for yourself?

Deb chats with John Abbott about how he has created the habit of putting himself first and as a result, he can now give more, and love life even more.

John said:

Something that I’ve dealt with for so many years of my life is guilt around not putting myself first, putting other people first, their expectations of what I needed to be doing and all this stuff that showed up around that.

The number of things that I have found were great for me is changing this thing called a habit of going to bed late and waking up late.

If you have any habits that are stopping you from putting yourself first and there are going to be excuses you are making to yourself and to your friends around you, just change it.

Make a commitment to yourself to change it no matter what your circumstances are, because they can change.

I have a child, I have a wife and I have a life which is also based around me first.
So I wake up at 5 am in the morning, and I get up and I will go for a cycle or I will go for a meditation.  I will take in a beautiful breath of the magnificence of Bali from my top floor, and this beautiful chilled air and I will do something that’s just for me, so that I will be honouring me, and I will be doing that during the day as well.
And that’s just shifted everything.
I now wake up with a bounce in my step.  I want to get up at 5 am in the morning and if it’s not 5 it would be 4 if I can’t do 5.
I want to do that because I know the difference it makes to me and the way I feel about me and my life and the contribution I can then make to everybody else is far greater than I ever could do in the past.

The moment you ask yourself ‘how can I?’ your brain is going to give you the right answer to that.

About John:

With a 25 year history of creating, building and selling businesses in computer sales, software design, web development and over the past 10 years as an events promoter, John has connected and worked with some of the most inspiring people on our planet!

John now travels the globe whilst managing multiple business. John shows business owners how to live, learn and love what you do from your own island, or anywhere in the world.

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