What are you wishing for? A loving relationship? New job? More money?

Whatever your wish is, play The Wish and you will help manifest your wish faster. Its fun and powerful!

Tune In for 2 minutes to hear Deb chat with Louise Laffey the creator of the game on what The Wish is and how it helps your dreams come true.



The Wish is a manifesting tool that helps you clear anything that’s standing in the way of that wish  turning up in your life. 

No wish is too big or too small but it’s about helping you get really clear about what will make your heart happy. 

It is like playing a normal board game.  You roll the dice and you will pick up cards and messages as you travel along the game.

What happens as we wish and we get clear about the things that we need to let go of, we get to the end of the game and you’re energetically lined up with that wish coming true. 

So you move throughout the game to become into the energy of the wish being here which is what we want. 

When we play the wish on Ipad and Iphone you can play that totally by yourself and I would say there is also an extra element by having other people give you feedback about your game. 

That is really really helpful because what happens is people can often see key ingredients or messages I’d say about what you can’t see always yourself. So I really recommend you sharing your wishes with your friends and playing the game with other people and certainly having their input because they can help you move those blocks very quickly and that’s a real key to being able to manifest well.


Louise’s greatest wish is to live her happiest life and inspire you to live yours too!

Play the game as a physical board game or download the app on iphone and ipad: