Do you compare yourself to others?

Do you expect yourself to be perfect?

How do you treat yourself?

Deb chats with Hollie Holden about her tips on loving life even more!


This is what Hollie said:

The place I always go to personally when I am asked anything like that is to focus on our relationship with ourselves.

I really believe that life becomes more interesting, and we fall in love with our life more, when we fall in love with ourselves.

I believe that a lot of us these days get very stuck in perfection and comparison, assuming that other people are finding things easier and being more abundant and having a nicer time than us.

And I really believe that there is a very practical way, one big thing we can do is, we can end our day by letting go of all the things we think we did wrong.  All the things we think we could have done better and by finding a way, finding a practice whether its a prayer that we write, or its just a moment that we take to drop into our hearts and feel how we are seen truly, by our hearts and by our soul rather than all the chatter in our mind.

My personal way of doing that is I have just written a prayer for myself and even if I don’t fully say it when I lie in bed my intention is to let go of the day, and be really, really kind to myself about what I have done during the day.  It’s intensely practical, but it is actually really big because it is the basis of how we treat ourselves and we start to train our muscle stronger where we say kind things to ourselves.









Hollie Holden is a mum, writer and explorer of spirituality, personal growth and self-acceptance. She is a student of A Course in Miracles and the Enneagram. Hollie is particularly interested in how we can know how loved we are and how we can be kinder to ourselves.

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