How much of your time are you feeling Grateful and being Present?

How often are you conscious of your breathing and heart rate?

Deb chats with Kerwin Rae about his top tips for loving life!


This is what Kerwin says in the interview:
“One of the things that I have observed is the more grateful I am for the things that I have in my life whether they be on a relationship, physical, spiritual and even on a material level…
the more grateful I am for those things, the more of those things I seem to receive in abundance and sometimes almost like magic.
One of the challenges that most people have when it comes to displaying gratitude is “I will be grateful when I get it” or “I’ll give to charity once I make a lot of money”.  It doesn’t work that way.

My second tip for loving life is being present with every moment and I think the more present you are with every moment in terms of every experience you are having, the more conscious you are.

When I mean present, it is one thing to be present with every moment and being aware, but it is another thing to be completely conscious of that moment and the things that are going on, and the meanings that are being created, and the beliefs that are showing up in the stories that we are thinking about or talking about.

When I think you are grateful and you are presently grateful you can really take hold of every situation look at every moment, literally moment to moment second to second, and allocate a level of gratitude and appreciation for those moments and for those things.

The first thing that changes when you shift from presence to unconsciousness whether that unconsciousness is ego, emotions or whatever, you respiration shifts immediately.
It is literally the thing that shifts first and everything else follows.
So I think if you are highly attuned to your breath and if you want to go one deeper or your heart rhythm or your heart rate or heart rate variability and the pace at which your heart beats, the moment your breath and your heart shifts its a great cue for you to bring things back to centre.”


About Kerwin:

Kerwin know his stuff, since starting his first business at 23 years of age, which turned over one million dollars in the first three months, Kerwin has successfully overcome both business and personal adversity, including a full recovery from a stroke he suffered in February 2009.

He has taught over 20,000 people through his seminars and workshops, and made tens of millions of dollars for his clients.

He is regularly featured in the media and shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Lord Alan Sugar, Tony Robbins and Mark Bouris, teaching business development, marketing, sales, human behaviour and entrepreneurial psychology.

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