005: Best Way to Make Decisions

Are you conscious about the decisions you are making?
Are you intentionally choosing the quality of life that your want?

Deb chats with talented and soulful Eloise King on her tips to love our life even more!

Eloise said:

The quality of our life is a reflection of the quality of our decisions.
And our decisions or choices are made at every second of every day.
So, once you start living a more intentional life or conscious existence, and being very intense about the quality of relationships and the quality of time and the quality of experience that you want to have, like every second of the day ultimately, then you realise just how incredibly powerful your decisions are all the time.

It doesn’t matter if it’s about your ability to say yes or no.  Sometimes it’s your ability to say yes and just to keep moving forward.  Sometimes it’s the importance of just saying no.  No, I am not committing to that because that is just going to aggravate and frustrate and just drag me down. 

Deb asked: What would be your recommendation of how to make better quality decisions?

Its about getting people out of their heads, getting them into their bodies and ultimately into their hearts.  And then helping them develop a relationship with their hearts which essentially is a moral compass, and it’s also the best compass for our decision making that exists.  So once you learn to trust like you know the signs then you learn to trust the messages or the whispers of your heart, decision making becomes very very easy. 


Eloise King is the ‘good life strategist’ and founding director of Soul Sessions, a conscious community that come together for monthly events sharing expert wisdom and knowledge. Eloise has worked with the world leaders in self development & holistic wellness and supports people to create their dream life aligned to their true soul goals.

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