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We are Single, doing the right thing Social Distancing … but this doesn’t mean we can’t Flirt and Meet New Awesome People.

Let’s Connect and Explore Great Conversations and have some Fun with other singles. 

Along with the Entertainment value, this is an Experiment in creating deeper connections at a safe physical distance!

Why Join Us:

  1. Who knows, you might just meet your true love, the love of your life! You just never know. Good news is you will have plenty of time to get to know each other before you meet.
  2. You are likely to meet some new friends.
  3. No awkward moments. Quick mini dates where you get to ask and answer interesting questions 1:1.
  4. You will be creating history, able to claim future Qudos being one of the first Beta Testers of a very cool piece of technology called Zmagle at the first Zingles party … both Zmagle and Zingles are going to be BIG!
  5. Your feedback and comments will contribute towards quality content about Love and Connection in the future. The tech we are using is simple and straightforward.

    With thanks to Zmagle (plus using Zoom and the App Telegram) we will be capturing some very cool data. You will have the opportunity to share after each conversation any highlights of your experience of Love and Connection, perhaps this will be the most funny, interesting or heart touching moment, or what you noticed about your own feelings, etc. There is NO right or wrong, we welcome whatever you wish to share.

What to be part of this?

Please BOOK YOUR TICKET in advance for our next party, Sunday 17th May at 5pm Sydney time (check the start time for YOUR CITY here)

We aim to have equal numbers of men and women.

You will need to download the Telegram App (it’s a great messenger app like FB messenger/ Whatsapp), this is how we send messages to you throughout the party.

How The Party Works:

BE EARLY to ensure we can have everyone start on time … 5-10mins before the party, Join the Zoom Room via your computer with your Video On

PARTY STARTS with a group welcome and we will explain what will happen in more detail

TRANSFERS – you will be transferred into Break Out Rooms where you will have a number of One on One chats with other singles

You will be given FUN QUESTIONS TO ASK EACH OTHER so that you get to know yourself and each other a little more!

Plus there will be time between conversations where you will do 3 things:
1. You will share a positive comment to the person who was answering your questions, eg. share a quality you noticed about them
2. We ask that you capture ‘the best of’ the conversation eg. the most funny, interesting and / or heart warming moment
3. You will indicate if you would like to have a future conversation with this person… if you BOTH say YES you will be given contact details after the party to connect with each other.

PARTY ENDS with you feeling uplifted and inspired!

This is Ideal for:

*Singles who want to meet new people and have genuine conversations

*Conscious Men and Women exploring healthy masculine and feminine energy

*Fun, big hearted people open for opportunities for greater self love, self awareness, connection, inspiration, entertainment and new friends

*World Travellers who are stuck in one place right now


*Lovers of Good Content
MAFS and other ‘Love’ reality shows have some good but sadly they are produced for drama rather than true Love and Connection. Please note: Conversations are NOT recorded. Any data or concepts used will be created into something new (your personal information is confidential). If you would like to be part of future creative teams (writers, producers, actors, presenters, etc) please express your interest.

Following our first pilot which was really fun (April 26) we will have more parties!

Next Date: SUNDAY May 17th
Time: 5pm-6.30pm Sydney Time
(Check the start time for YOUR CITY here)

and you will receive the Zoom Party Room Details

or EXPRESS YOUR INTEREST for the Next Party in Your Time Zone

To ensure you have an amazing experience,
we request you know how to use:
ZOOM on your COMPUTER this is the party room where you connect with everyone Face to Face
and TELEGRAM on your PHONE to receive messages throughout the party (you can also have Telegram on your Desktop)

What some of the MEN said after the First Party …

“Thank you, I really enjoyed this afternoon, meet some wonderful ladies, learnt a bit about myself. Well Done”

“Enjoyed meeting some like minded souls.” 

“I normally wouldn’t participate in an event like this but glad I did. Huge thanks to our love hosts for creating such an authentic & fun space.” 

What some of the LADIES said after the First Party …

“Thanks for introducing me to such a fun way to spend an at home weekend, and for creating a safe space to bring awesome people together. You have a cool tribe! Especially loved the questions and the warm and thoughtful responses I received.”

‘Better than in person speed dating”

“So great having interesting questions to ask, no need for small talk, we just got straight into good conversations

This hot little pic was posted
on social media
before the event saying
“About to attend a speed-dating
event via Zoom. ❤️ 
Pandemic? What pandemic. 🥰”

After the event: “It was really fun!
Everybody was lovely!”

Your financial contribution towards this project is greatly appreciated!

About The Zingles Team…

We are passionate about Love and Connection and busting to facilitate a fun and powerful interactive ‘Singles Party’ for you on Zoom
. We suspect this will be a great success and have plans to leverage this experience across many other types of parties. We thank you for playing with us!

We are so excited to be working with the Zmagle team in the Ukraine, and Beta Testing their great new Participant Engagement Platform to make our Event more interactive.

Gabby and Deb from Zingles
Roman and Ivan from Zmagle

(This pic was taken testing the system before our 1st party)

Got Questions? Contact Deb on Telegram here: