Are you wanting to find “THE ONE”?

Follow these 5 steps!!!

Deb chats with Cimone-Louise, the Intuitive Strategist from Say Yes To Love about what we can do to speed up the process of finding our perfect match!


What are some tips for finding our perfect match?

The very first one is get clear on your core values.
Take that time to really understand what you’re looking for.
You may be looking for a partner that is loving, kind, thoughtful, a great sense of humour, then that will be the strongest foundation to be able to have the relationship that you want.

The second tip would be once you’ve written those 3 – 5 core values, expand on your definition on exactly what that means to you and how that fits for you.
For example, having a great sense of humour, your sense of humour or play time or fun time could be completely different.

The third tip is, match and mirror.
If you are asking your future partner to have those qualities of being loving kind and thoughtful, are you always being loving kind and thoughtful to you.
And also too that sense of humour and fun and play – you have got to keep it light.  You’ve got to keep smiling and enjoying the process.

The fourth tip would be read those values, breath in to it, smile and anchor.
When you can embody those values, it will lift your vibration, your energy will be up, you will feel fantastic.  You will be walking your talk, and like a magnet, you will only be drawing him or her to you.

Tip five is follow the energy.
While you’re waiting, its on how you wait: in love, grace and peace? or is it in impatience and frustration?
If you keep saying to the universe ‘what’s my next step?’ and you’re truly listening and feeling and sensing and knowing, you will always be in the right place at the right time with the right person saying yes to love and flow.


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