Loving Life Radio Presents: Aloha Immersion Retreat for Women – An immersion of Nourishment for Women

Enhance the quality of your hopes, goals and dreams on the scared land of Hawaii.

Our private/ intimate accommodations – nestled between spectacular mountains and just a few minutes away from white sand beaches will take your breath away – while restoring your body, mind and heart based on your own natural rhythms while connecting with like minded women as we share in our mutual/ collective wisdom and leave room for one another to shine, as we women are meant to do.

This is not your typical ‘tourist’ holiday, it is also not a ‘luxury resort retreat’. We will have the pleasure in enjoying a beautiful part of Oahu that offers all of us the true Polynesian experience.

Oahu is known as ‘The Gathering Place’, home of the state capital ‘Honolulu’ and International Airport (HNL).

We have co-created an extraordinary opportunity at a beyond reasonable and very rare rate due to our personal connections with the island and locals and we wish to share this opportunity with women we feel have the reverence and spirit that the island loves.

Our itinerary is subjective/ subject to changes based on our groups needs. Therefore, we ask that you arrive with an open mind and trust.

You are encouraged/ supported in giving yourselves and one another permission to experience a safe place where you are free to open your heart and love yourself even more throughout the entire week (and beyond).

Our intention is that you are well held, truly delighted and have many things you can return home with to keep your experience alive while also wanting to return many times!

Hawaii is a sacred land with deep history. We are lining up some special experiences, please check out some of the activities we can share now that are included in our week together:

*Hula –

more than just a dance,

more than just a way of life…

Hula is life itself!

In ancient Hawaii, a time when a written language did not exist, hula and its chants played an important role in keeping history, genealogy, mythology and culture alive. With each movement – a hand gesture, step of foot, swaying of hips – a story would unfold. Through the hula, the Native Hawaiians were connected with their land and their gods. In present time, Hula has been known to help connect the body/ mind in such a way – it moves through you.

*Lu’au –

the most magical

lu’au on the island

A fun experience for us all to enjoy is a ‘Hawaiian feast’ – including yummy Hawaiian food, music and cultural performances.
Based on some trusted local advice, we have chosen Nutridge Luau. Check out a taste here. This is a time for us women to gather together and enjoy and connect more freely

*Ho’oponopono –

I Love You.

I am Sorry.

Please Forgive Me.

Thank You.

Be introduced to and/ or go deeper with this beautiful and powerful Hawaiian forgiveness prayer and practice.
The Hawaiian word ho‘oponopono comes from ho‘o (“to make”) and pono (“right”).
The repetition of the word pono means “doubly right” or being right with both self and others.

A special training session has been created to train us in Level 1 and 2 all in one day by the wonderful instructors at Keala O’Kalani who perpetuate the teachings of Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona and honour her legacy.

*Womens Wisdom –

Christina Marie

will share practical tools

to support

your ongoing nourishment

We will be guided through some wonderful sessions by our friend and Lead Facilitator Christina Marie.
Christina lives on island and is the creator of “The Love Affair with Thyself Movement“. This is an amazing opportunity for woman to realign with themselves. You will receive one of her new Rhythm Guide Journals and understand how to utilise that powerfully. Christina assists women in following their own natural rhythms and so much more.

*Island Tour –

experience some of

the best parts

of Oahu

We are coordinating a personalised adventure with our awesome friends at Hi5 Tours, yay!!! Not only the top rated tour provider on Trip Advisor but the most fabulous peeps as well! (We are so In Love!)


*Hikes in Nature

*Swims in the Ocean



*Free Time

Spaces are limited.
Express your interest by applying here.


Easter week 2020 has been postponed to
Easter week 2021
… we still need to confirm it will be safe and Covid 19 Travel Restrictions are lifted… please contact us to Express Interest and we will keep you updated with our Retreat Date.

Our accomodation is located in Kaʻaʻawa, Oahu, Hawaii, approximately 45min drive from Honolulu International Airport.

Investment = $2,100 USD (This is incredible value for such a brilliant experience in Hawaii)

*7 nights accomodation (Twin Share)
*Daily healthy meals
*One week of nourishing scheduled activities:
Womens Wisdom workshops
Personal guidance from Christina Marie
Rhythm Guide Journal
Nutridge Luau
Hi 5 Private Group Tour
Hula Experience
Ho’oponopono Training Level 1 and Level 2
Games, Yoga, Hikes, Visiting numerous Beaches,
Unique Cultural Experiences facilitated by Locals
*Transfer from HNL Airport or Waikiki to Retreat Center April 9 (AM or early arvo, lets discuss this so its clear for you)
and Return Transfer Retreat Center to Airport or Waikiki (checking out of retreat center 11am)

Does NOT include:
*Travel Insurance
*Visas (Australians require an ESTA to visit the USA, other nationalities please check what your requirements are)
*Alcohol (except whats included at the Luau)
*Extra activities and shopping you choose to do
*Extra healings, massages, etc you may wish to purchase


Deb King records a casual chat with our Lead Facilitator, the wonderful Christina Marie

We look forward to discussing this in more detail with you.
Please express your interest via this application now.

Some Images and Info have been taken from a variety of sources on the internet (unfortunately we are unsure of exactly where)
with the greatest love and respect to all authors/ content creators!
And anyone else who deserves acknowledgement, thank you!