Are you investing time in YOU, to know yourself and love yourself?

Deb chats with Jenny Marie, aka The Singing Healer about her tips on loving life even more.


Jenny said:

There were things stopping me from living that amazing life that I could have.  I found I was co-dependent.  I was a people pleaser.  I was supporting everyone else around me but I wasn’t really supporting myself.
I did have to learn how to set boundaries for myself and you can set boundaries when you get to that point where you are fully loving yourself and realising that you are just as important as everyone else around you.
You do have to be able to set aside some time and say, look I am going to spend this time on myself now, and that can be different things.  You might go and do workshops, meditation, get yourself a healing or something like that.

Those that are more sensitive have probably got a lot more clearing to do.  And for me I am a highly sensitive person.  Any little things from childhood cut me deeply and they were the things that I had to work on. 

Deb asked: What’s something that we can do today?

Really looking at what pushes your buttons.  If somebody says or does something to you and that really aggravates you, where is that coming from.  Quite possibly it comes right back to something that happened in your childhood.

You put your hand on the solar plexus and just take a few deep breaths, go within and just ask your soul when you have cleared your mind, just ask your soul where is that coming from.  Where in your body are you feeling it.  Just feel that emotion and then allow yourself to release it.
You can ask your soul how can I release it and see what comes to mind and then just do that.


Jenny the ‘Singing Healer’ has with over 17 years experience, using various methods (Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Surgery, ThetaHealing and more). In 2013, she was gifted with a Soul Language to enhance the healing on a cellular level and to re-awaken DNA for soul transformation; Soul Voice Healing was born. She sings, tones and speaks this ancient dialect during healing sessions and her clients have seen and felt the benefits.
Jenny also runs meditation classes, workshops and is an inspirational speaker and writer.
Her blogs: Attitude of Gratitude and The Heart of Healing can be viewed at her website

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